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Hodgdon-Tyler Family Landscaping Services for Our Commercial Clients

All Sport Field Needs

We also provide total Sports field Packages for all playing surfaces. We take care of turf surfaces as well as infield surfaces. Again, for turf surfaces we would start with a soil sample and make our plan. Over seeding is normally a big need in sports fields as well as aeration which helps reduce soil compaction and develop strong roots. When fall comes around we power rake your infields to remove weeds, and spread additional infield mix or Turface. We recommend putting infields to bed in the fall to make your spring easier. Check out our corporate portfolio to view some photos of our completed projects, click here.

Stripping a football field to prepare for new sod 

Stripping a football field to prepare for new sod
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Field Renovation

Baseball Field Rehab. Field Stripped,loomed and laser graded and watered
A big thanks to Green Thumbs farm and Kirk and Roger from Progressive Turf. Also To Williams irrigation systems!!!! 

Infield Renovation

Infield is stripped and 87 yards of material is placed for leveling 
All level and ready for sod 
H2O , seed and cascade ...the final ingredients

Baseball Field Renovation
Baseball Field Renovation 2
Fall is a great time to edge and put on infield mix and turface to put fields to bed for a great spring start up 

Before and After Photos
Re-establishing overgrown infields

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