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Hodgdon-Tyler Family Landscaping Services for Our Maine Clients

Hodgdon-Tyler Family Landscaping provides the following services:
All Lawn Care Needs
Soil Sampling

At Hodgdon-Tyler Family Landscaping we treat your turf from the ground up. We start with a soil sample to find out the nutrient deficiencies, and from there we make our plan. We offer thatch removal which is necessary for nutrients to reach the place that needs it the most: your soil.

This also helps reduce the risk of turf disease. We offer aeration which helps to increase oxygen flow to the root system. Aeration also reduces soil compaction and improves turfgrass rooting.

We provide fertilization which we base on your soil report: you get what your soil needs. Other turfcare services we provide include: overseeding, topdressing, weed and pest control, and of course, mowing.

Garden Rehab Project

Hardscaping has become one or our specialties. We offer a wide variety of designs for walkways, patios and walls.


Fencing - we provide pool fences, privacy fences and split-rail fences.

Complete Lawn Installation

Landscape Design - Have the landscape of your dreams!

Spring and Fall Cleanups, Mulching and Gardening

Please give us a call for a FREE ESTIMATE on any of the services we provide. Remember, we truly are more than just lawn care.


"Bill, we are very happy with the landscaping services that Hodgdon and Son provided. Your crews were very professional and did a great job. We are pleased with the final result and will definitely use your company again in the future. Thank you!"

Gordon and Jessica Clements"

Before and after walkways and planting beds

We were happy to do an all natural plan for a client by using natural stone, cedar chips, pine needle paths and perennials to attract humming birds and butterflies. Fit perfectly with the fern fields, berry patches and babbling brook!

Bill completely transformed the property around my home, which was nothing but a dirt lot. I didn't know where to start, but with a little feedback about my vision, he developed a plan and implemented it. I now have fledgling garden areas, walking paths and wildflower and natural areas. It's cohesive and includes native plants that will attract birds and butterflies, which was a top priority. I absolutely love it! Furthermore, Bill and his team were wonderful to work with. Bill kept me apprised of his progress, honored the estimates he gave me and -- perhaps best of all -- they were engaged and excited about the project, so it was a stress-free and delightful experience for us. I would absolutely recommend Bill!


Overgrown Planting Before and After Photos. We love to clean up your landscape designs

9am Before Photos and 3:30pm After Photos, of raised cedar beds that will Last a lifetime 

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