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Getting Your Lawn Ready for Winter

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Everyone wants a beautiful lawn in the Spring but in order for that to be a possibility you must do these steps before the Winter sets in. Thank you HGTV for the tips below:

Step 1. Clear Debris

A layer of dead grass and other material, known as thatch, can build up on the surface of the soil, impeding drainage, encouraging moss, harboring fungal diseases, and preventing the strong growth of grass. Clear any leaves or other debris from the lawn in fall. Rake the lawn surface firmly to remove any embedded debris or moss.

Step 2. Spike Holes

Using a garden fork or a special aerator (as shown here), spike holes into the lawn all over the surface to aerate it and improve drainage.

Step 3: Fill Holes Brush dry fine sand into the holes to prevent them from closing up, allowing air and water to pass freely into the root zone. Only use horticultural grade sand.

Step 4: Spread Top-Dressing Spread dry top-dressing over the surface to help improve drainage and to level out hollows. Use a brush or the back of a rake to work it into the grass evenly.

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